Bridging two worlds

The theme of this week seems to be bridging worlds. I am rewatching Babylon 5, and I just started season 2 where one of my favorite female characters in sci-fi ever, Delenn, has undergone a transformation that has caused her to be part Minbari and part human. She claims this transformation will allow her to bridge two worlds so that there will never be war again. Bridging two worlds seems important in the country we live in, though I am not certain I have what Delenn has, the ability to sacrifice to make it happen.

A place where I’ve seen people accept differences and come together is in my knitting communities. When I first came to central Pennsylvania, I was embraced by several local knitting groups, and I felt a part of those groups even though my background and life was quite different from some of the other members of the groups. I’m grateful for the way knitting brings people together.

Knitting communities also bring activism. In preparation for the Women’s March on Washington the day after the inauguration, lots of people are knitting pink hats for the Pussy Hat Project. I started mine yesterday, and I am planning to knit a few of these hats in case someone else needs one. I’ll be marching with a contingent of Juniata students, faculty, and staff. I am pleased to be among their ranks.

Also this week, I’ve made some progress on my sock project:

I finished The Passage by Justin Cronin. I gave it 5 stars! Here’s my review from Goodreads: I loved this book. At several of the twists and turns, I gasped out loud, and said Justin Cronin is a genius! The story follows characters set in a world of a military experiment gone wrong. The characters are weird, and the plot is mysterious. A very engaging read.

I immediately started Legend by Marie Lu. It’s YA and a really easy read, but I’m enjoying it so far. I’m still listening to Oryx and Crake on audible.



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