2013 Updates and 2014 Goals

This post is not a podcast episode. I wanted to write about my 2013 & 2014 goals on this last day of 2013!

Here were my goals for 2013 and the progress I made on those goals:

1. Finish 13 sock projects

Done, I finished 16 sock projects in 2013

2. Finish 13 other projects

Done, while most of these are baby hats, I finished 17 other projects in 2013

3. Do more yoga

Done, I did yoga everyday for awhile. Starting in September, I did yoga every week for awhile. I didn’t do yoga as regularly as I would like, but I did more yoga in 2013 than I did in 2012.

4. Avoid purchasing yarn in clubs or updates

Done, I haven’t bought any new clubs or in updates for all of 2013

5. Purchase yarn only at events or LYS

Done, with few exceptions, I only purchased at events or LYSs.

6. Start Professional Writing POE

Done, this goal was a professional one, but I finished it mid-year.

7. Finish WIPs: Dahlia, Citron, Radiance, Black Eyed Susie, Tony the toybox monster, Pendulum, Pinus Silvestris, Irish Coffee

I finished about half of these: dahlia, black eyed susie, pendulum, and pinus silvestris. Irish Coffee is very close to finished, and Radiance shawl saw a bit of love. No love for the Citron though, and I frogged Tony the toybox monster.

8. Knit a cardigan for myself

Done, I finished the Goodale cardigan!

9. Knit a vest for Darren

Not done. I wonder if that Dear Husband of mine will ever see a finished vest for himself.

10. Read 13 books for fun

I did a fair bit of reading for fun in 2013, finishing 15 books

11. Record 40 podcast episodes

I did fail on this one; I blame blip. I did record 34 episodes in 2013 however, which is not bad.

12. Knit 13 pairs of self-striping socks

Only 11 pairs of self-striping socks in 2013. I still think that’s pretty good.

13. Finish 150 hexipuffs

Another goal I did not complete. I have no idea how many hexipuffs, but I didn’t knit that many, especially not in the 2nd half of the year.


Goals for 2014: I think I’m going to do 10 goals this year.

1. Knit 12 pairs of socks

2. Knit 12 other projects

3. Spin 6 braids or batts

4. Rejoin Weight Watchers and stick with it for the entire year

5. Destash a good amount of yarn

6. Knit from stash more often

7. Do more yoga

8. Watch less TV, read more books for fun

9. Work on a publication

10. Do more now, procrastinate less


  1. Joyce Robinson

    Since you are no longer on blip, I cannot access any of your podcast. This is not good. I love your podcasts.

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