2014 Update and 2015 Goals

This post is not a podcast episode. It actually makes my life a bit easier to post this one as a blog post instead. Next time I record, I’ll mention this as a separate bit on the podcast.

Goals for 2014

1. Knit 12 pairs of socks: If you can believe it, I only finished 9 pairs of socks this year. I started a bunch of pairs though 🙂

2. Knit 12 other projects: Apparently I only finished 6 other projects. I guess my knitting goals way outmatched the amount of time I spent knitting this year.

3. Spin 6 braids or batts: Um, Maybe 3. I didn’t record this all that well.

4. Rejoin Weight Watchers and stick with it for the entire year: Almost. I stuck with it until about November. I got busy and lazy.

5. Destash a good amount of yarn: Hmmm, I might have done this before the move. After, not so much.

6. Knit from stash more often: Yes. Just about everything I knit this year was from stash. I don’t have any clubs left except Into the Whirled fiber.

7. Do more yoga: Sort of. I did more yoga and workout classes this summer than in a long time. I’d like to say I’d continued with that, but I didn’t.

8. Watch less TV, read more books for fun: I’ve read a lot more this year than ever before!

9. Work on a publication: Yes. I finished writing and revising a publication with a friend.

10. Do more now, procrastinate less: This is an odd goal to try to measure. Yes? No? Probably a little bit of both.

2015 Goals

1. Finish 12 knitting projects.

2. Spin 4 oz of fiber every month.

3. Start 12 pairs of socks for me.

4. Finish 3 pairs of socks for Darren, 2 pairs of socks for my mom, 2 pairs of socks for my sister, 1 pair of socks for my sister-in-law, 1 pair of socks for my dad, and 1 pair of socks for my brother.

5. Read 75 books.

6. Finish a publication.

7. Start a new research project.

8. Stick with Weight Watchers all year.

9. Get in regular activity all year.

10. Finish unpacking.

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