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This week’s episode has now been posted!

I’m on youtube now. Here is the link for today’s episode.

Today’s segments include: drafting, lit review, and noteworthy.


Fish Lips Kiss Heel socks in Into the Whirled Pakkoku sock colorway Bigger on the Inside on size 1/2.25mm Hiya Hiya sharps.

Pamuya shawl by Alexandra Wiedmeyer in Wollmeise pure colorway Verzaubert we’re different on size 4/3.5mm signature circular.

Leila, Lydia & Lucas the Mamma and Baby Monsters by Rebecca Danger in Another Crafty Girl Merino Worsted colorway Swedish Chef on size 5/3.75mm Kollage square circular and size 4/3.5mm signature dpns.

Knitty in color falkland colorway Fabrjous day

Lit Review:

Walking Dead volumes 1-11 by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Cliff Rathburn

Now that I’ve finished my Walking Dead summer reading and am planning to return these to my friend today, I thought I’d do a bit of a wrap up of some of the interesting things I’ve learned so far. I mentioned before that the comics are different than the show, and that is true. I can’t compare which is darker however. I’d say they’re both dark in different ways. Season 1 of the show tries to explain the epidemic in ways the comics don’t at all. I’m not sure why the show creators think the TV audience needs more of an explanation. Both the show and the comics explore the tension between what it means to be dead and what it means to be alive. They also both explore the classic Frankenstein question–who is the real monster. Are the monsters the walkers or are they the humans? You can tell that the writers of the comic believe firmly that the humans are the real monsters. Something that I plan to explore in my medicine and pop culture class next year is the differences between the ways one of the mother characters dies in the show and in the comics. In the comics, she is killed and her baby is killed by humans during a shoot out. In the show, however, she dies in childbirth, and the baby is still alive. I wonder what it says about cultural perceptions of motherhood to have these 2 different representations. I find myself totally addicted to these comics and not at all put off by them because they are in the horror genre. After I move I plan to buy and read the rest of the collection.


May’s yarn: Painted Skeins colorway Microbrew, #13 Cindy, Puffygriffinclaw on ravelry

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I’ve been reading a lot this month, so for this month’s podiversary, recommend your favorite book to me and tell me why you loved it so much.

July’s yarn: Dream in Color smooshy colorway In Vino Veritas

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